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About ROC Energy Consulting

Founded by Rodger O Connor, the goal is to help deliver a sustainable energy future for current and future generations.


To achieve this, we focus on 3 main areas:

1. Improving the current building stock.

2. Supporting passive design for new buildings.

3. Supporting the integration of renewable energy sources.

Rodger Headshot.jpg

Rodger is a chartered engineer with over 20 years experience in the construction and energy sector including:

  • Domestic Building Energy Ratings (BER)

  • Non-domestic Building Energy Rating (BER)

  • Part L Building Compliance

  • Energy Demand Analysis & Forecasting

  • Compressed Natural Gas in Vehicles

  • Biogas generation

  • Biogas injection & transport

  • SME Energy Audits

Founder: Rodger O Connor

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